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Since this unit recently went really big at the Barrett Jackson auction in Scottsdale I thought it was a great time to show how it started.

It was spring of 2001 when Dale Gerry contacted me about drawing up an idea he had for his latest creation. He knew it was going to be over the top and unique in almost every way imaginable but he wanted to see it and try a few different modifications. Once I had the basic shape put together we tried different levels of roof chop and cab stretch. We also nailed down engine placement and wheelbase. Since all of my work is done in vector and to scale exact measurements are used so when the final shape of the Deco Liner eventually revealed itself in Dale's shop we already had a really good idea of what it would look like finished. There were a few changes made after these initial drawings. Even simpler builds can benefit from having initial design drawings and can eventually be turned into a nice piece of art as well!

If you never got a chance to see this rig here is a link to it's listing at Barrett Jackson.


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