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As far back as early pre school days Stu Wotypka was drawing, designing and creating. That Instinctive Drive along with an early gearhead addiction occupied most of Stu's thoughts throughout childhood and teen years. Once through high school there were basically two directions to go, pursue a career in design or in automotive...he chose both.

Once gaining a diploma after three years of visual communications training, all of which was non digital, Stu taught himself digital illustration in order to convey his ideas. Patent drawings and large format signage illustration helped him master the new medium.

Stu formed ID in 1998 and specializes in mechanically influenced illustration and design.

His work has included:

    • Automotive Body Design
    • Motorsport Paint and Graphics
    • Motorsport Identity Creation

    • Corporate Identity Creation

    • Photography and Editing
    • Automotive Parts Design
    • Aircraft Paint Design
    • Marine Paint Design
    • Architectural Design
    • Patent Drawings
    • Conceptual Illustration
    • Technical Illustration
    • T-shirt Design
    • Signage and Wrap Design

Stu is also a 3M trained wrap installer as well as an avid photographer. He is also available for idea development and brainstorming whether its a new business, product or service.

With a style that has been described as technically artistic or artistically technical Stu's work is known internationally and has received numerous awards.

He looks forward to working on new and exciting ideas in the future...what's your idea?

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